National Real Estate Agent Finder

ER Referrals is a national database of experienced, credible and trustworthy real estate agents and brokers eliminates the guesswork out of buying or selling real estate in or out of Florida. ER Referrals is the leading real estate agent finder across the United States, providing C-Level Executives, Buyers, Sellers and Loan Officers a one-on-one customer experience from start to finish.    

Commercial & Residential

There's never been a better time to buy or sell real estate. Whether you're looking for your first home, second home or investment home, Empire Realty of North Florida, Inc. has just the property for you. We are connected to licensed, attentive lenders who can get you pre-approved and closed faster than anyone in the state.  

Acreage & Vacant Land

Empire Realty of North Florida, Inc. specializes in acreage in North Florida, including but not limited to areas such as High Springs, Fort White, Lake City, Live Oak, Mayo and Madison. Our services also extend as far as Bradford and Clay Counties. If you are looking for farm land or to avoid having any neighbors, we can help.